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Decking Cleaning

GlasgowProWash clean wooden decks and decking across Gasgow. Our customers are normally pleasently suprised by the results our jet washing can acheive, generally once the decking has been cleaned by us and then re-oiled it will look as good as new.

Our cleaning equipment will throughly clean decking without 'striping' effect made by most diy pressure washers. Our 'rotary head' cleaning equipment which remove dirty and green algae without the risk of damaging the surface.

GlasgowProWash offer a four stage decking restoration process

  1. Pre treatment with fungicidal & algae wash
  2. Rotary Head Cleaning process
  3. Remove residue and clean borders with pressure lance
  4. Application of Decking Oils (clear or coloured)

We can also clean garden furniture and re stain or oil fencing, sheds, summerhouses etc.

GlasgowProwash specialist decking cleaning process will transform any decked patio. With a little routine upkeap the decking will keep in good condition, without further deterioration for many years to come.

You can call GlasgowProWash on 0141 569 1393 or 07554 762703 for a FREE quotation or fill in our online form