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Tarmac Repairs

Tarmac looks like a low maintanence product when first laid, but as the 'gluey' resins that hold the tarmac together  'dry out', the colour fades and the tarmac starts to deteriorate.

The tarmac is greatly effected by the elements, the sun, frost, snow and rain leads to stones becoming loose or 'fretting', edges start to break away, cracks appear and holes become widespread.

GlagowProWash offer specialised tarmac repair, application of tarmac coating and general tarmac restoration. Our services often avoid complete relaying of the surface for the forseeable future.

Our Tarmac  Repair & Restoration Services includes

  1. Application of anti moss fungicide (if necessary) 
  2. Jet Washing (without further stone loss)
  3. Removal from site of already loose stones
  4. Minor repair of holes and broken edges
  5. Cracks Filled
  6. Application of (Tarmaseal) Tarmac Restorer

Tarmaseal is a superb product that will wiil replace lost resin, re-colour the tarmac,provide a water resistant surface once more, providing long term protection from the weather and general wear & tear.

Once GlasgowProWash  have restored your driveway or car park a additional coat of Tarmaseal, every 3-5 years few years will keep the tarmac in good condition.

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